Good chess, Bad Chess - Good luck, Bad Luck

Good chess, Bad Chess - Good luck, Bad Luck

Jul 31, 2012, 9:05 AM |

I decided to write this blog in response to some users who believe in "lucky moves" and spread the falsness around in forums and blogs (I'm coming for you Laughing)

I shall explain the purpose of the image later lol.

First, lets define luck.

Luck - "a force which seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities"

That is a freaking awesome excuse used by fake superstitious minded people. 

Before I begin, make sure you guys are able to distinguish between silly and false claims of superstitions before you carry on reading...sometimes there are alternative explanations.

Both of these examples are general and common statements/beliefs superstitous people believe in, ie; 

"A mirror should be covered during a thunderstorm because it attracts lightning"

This is isn't superstition, it is silly but there is some truth behind this, mirrors reflect light very well, it makes sense to cover them especially if they are near or facing windows where lightning can possible be reflected though it is quite unlikely due to mirrors being made out of insulated material and thus the pressure cannot be maintained. The flash of electricity can be reflected , however lightning is not "attracted", simply may be reflected. 

"A watermelon will grow in your stomach if you swallow its seed" FAKE. 

If this were true, I'd have pretty sunflowers growing out of every orifice and a bloated belly the size of Oprah's glutes since when I was younger I had ate watermelon seeds accidently and ate sunflowers seeds.  There'd be a flourishing orchard through my intestines- fruits like apples, oranges and grapes, all accidental. 


In chess, there are only good moves and bad moves, kudos to those who have figured that out lol. You can't blame your loss on something that has no logical reasoning or ontological export into the real world.  "Luck". A lot of factors could have been the cause of your mistake, anxiety, stress, im-patience, focus, computer-lag, fat fingers (joke lol) etc. These claims maybe genuine but stop the silly excuses guys. 


I have often thought to myself and said there was no such thing a luck, there are only scenerios in which there are opportunities to be taken advantage of. These opportunities arise due to our poor decision making, determined by our selfishness, greediness etc, not "luck". Whether we have the correct tool-kit to reduce this or not is another issue...

In chess, to say "You played a lucky move", "Oh it was pure luck", or anything similar to this effect is equal to saying "You only won because you have Irish friends", (Don't worry, I have Irish ancestry in my mothers side).... be honest, does it sound silly to you?


I seem to have a natural knack to lose in chess, I don't confront my opponents by saying "You were lucky", it would make more sense to say "I'm not very good, am I?". Which is the truth, I accept it, I announce it, I move on lol. 

One question remains, "Why do we say such things?"

I suppose we say statements as such for self-protection, we comfort ourselves to keep things at bay and not brazen out this "supposedly misfortune" to avoid the hurt by bad decision making. 

Thank you for time, feel free to explore my other blogs. 


PS, if your wondering why I put that image up, it's because I'm hoping this blog to be an eye opener (lol) for people who say things as such so carelessly.