I am King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Pawn, I am flawless...

I am King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Pawn, I am flawless...

Jul 29, 2012, 10:46 AM |

What chess piece do you think resembles you the best?


Maybe a combination of 2?


What chess piece would you be if you had to trade lives for one day?


Pawn - Sometimes forgotten, but always remembered in desperate times, a busy bee who fits into many social groups, your strength is your collectiveness, always there to lend a hand, you take positives over negatives in everything, you stare death right in the face



Bishop - Calm and cooperative, equipped with a smile, the ultimate poker face, you are the perfect companion, till death do you apart, you are the tender ear, your mercy outweighs your wrath, you are not abrupt, you are the intelligent fighter


Knight - Deceptive yet devishly charming, quick with a joke, all eyes on you, appearence of a nice guy, mood-swings, psychotic sometimes, you hide your ugly side, you think outside the box, the devil is your sidekick, not viceversa, you are the talented guilty pleasure people want to imitate 



Rook - Tough as nails, no detours, loves a challenge, people feel safe in your presense, immune to danger when paired up, you have stamped your place in history, you are the trustworthy lieutenant with a dark history, but never-again



Queen - Your strength is your weakness, unpredictable and powerful, you are not a damsel in distress, you are smart and assured, patience is your virtue, you know no boundaries, your judgement and tactics are second to none, you are like a killer whale, your sharp tongue cuts your enemies in two, survival is your priority



King - Natural leader, you are the ring leader, you are wise, the kind of person people would be honoured to follow, you are bold, the perfect righthand guy, you go down swinging, loyalty and experience is what you have to offer, you are not easily fooled and will not back down



I agree that most people will have personality traits of each piece, but I want you to pick out the piece which mirrors you the best.


Thanks for reading. 


All images were taken from google images.