Chess A Mental Tonic

Aug 25, 2009, 11:28 AM |

Hello Folks!

Most of us who are membersĀ  of, I am sure, would know how Chess in an important aspect of our existence in the World. Yes, I am talking about people who relish and savor each & every moment of playing Chess. For me this is a great passion of my living moments. Of course some of us may treat very lightly the value this game has added in our sojourn in this planet. We will assume that they are the infants of our Unique family, who will learn later the true value. Let me tell you a secret I know, it is only this game, which is full of all the strategic planning & executing in the most healthy & harmless way, which enhances the mental well being of any sane person. I would advocate this game to be incorporated in all management & higher technical courses, to ensure we have more intelligent people in our day to day handling matters for us in the public life. Ultimately it is like supplementing & complementing wherever & whatever deficit or shortfall in any person's capabilities, let him be in any profession. A balanced Chess player can handle any matter in the most sensible manner and more professionally. This is my humble opinion. Maybe my expression this way is a tribute I dedicate to all buddies & mates who play chess passionately. May the world salute all the great MASTERS of Chess as true inheritors of the Creator of the Cosmos & Existence as HE is the GREATEST MASTER. Chess is only a mini replica of all that created life depicts in the Universe.