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Benefits of knowing basics of openings

Benefits of knowing basics of openings

Oct 5, 2014, 2:34 AM 7

In April of this year I began a structured and intentional system for learning openings. My goal was to learn just enough to get a more solid start in my games. Well, after almost 6 months I am beginning to really see the fruit of my labors.

Today I played a game that I feel is a great demonstration of how knowing a little opening theory can help you overcome someone who doesn't.

In this game, I played 1.d4. This is a recent venture for me. Until just a few weeks ago, I only ever played 1.e4.

My opponent responded 1. ..c5. This is a move I've never encountered. I didn't know if this was some great response I'd never seen or if my opponent was just trying to avoid opening lines all together.

Because of my knowledge of some 1. d4 lines, I was able to remain unconcerned as to the intentions of my opponent and, instead, stay focused on building a position that eventually lead to me scoring the point.

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