Another league game

Nov 26, 2009, 10:55 AM |

So, the team played Bath A the other day, and since I had a quite exciting game, I thought I'd share it (Also peeps asked me to).

There were a few points early on where I may have tried for a better game, but I'm not sure what the opening was, so I just played what felt natural to begin with.



So, in general, white didn't mind bad pawn structure too much since it opened some handy files, and black's king was a little breezy, but in the end the slight innacuracy with Rae1 allowed black enough pressure to make sure I got nothing more than a draw. Hope you enjoyed it!

Also, as regards the rest of the match, we were two players down so took a penalty of two points, then we got two draws and two losses to leave with a not so awesome 1 point. Division one seems like a tough old nut to crack.