Opposite Colored Bishops

Dec 25, 2015, 7:20 PM |

Most experienced chessplayers know that the prescence of opposite colored bishops can create drawing chances in an endgame, even when the weaker side is down material.  I played a few games recently where I was able to exploit this tendency to draw games in worse positions against stronger players


The first game is a 14 days/move tournament game against a strong player.  After an equal opening I blundered a pawn, but my opponent elected to trade heavy pieces (although my counterplay had a bit to do with that) and I managed to draw the opposite colored bishop ending a pawn down

In this next game (3 days/move thematic Dutch Defense) I played a terrible opening that left my king extremely weak.  My opponent won a pawn, but rather than continue his strong attack he traded into an opposite colored bishop ending that I was able to draw a pawn down

I was terrible in the opening and early middlegame but once the pieces went off I was just fine.  His lack of development and my threats against g7 let me set the pawn structure and build a fortress, while his decision to play b6 and d6 led to a permanent backward pawn that saved me.  Because my d pawn was advanced and on a light square, d6 was fine but b6 was the error.  With the pawn still on b7 he can play c6 and not have to deal with backwardness.  Tactics and my advanced h pawn played a big role as well