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Time to represent myself

Mar 14, 2010, 6:33 AM 1

All the way,I have been here to find a new way improve my skills in chess game.Otherwise also to find good,I mean GOOD friends for rest of my life.Ladies included.My interest about chess started actually just accidentally,because my studies as engineer started to be so heavy and difficult for me,so I decided to get a new hobby.They advertised in newspaper of chessclub meeting as week tournament.I went there and I stayed.Now I have been there about 20 years.I dont take it seriously,but...I m normal single man with healthy selfconfidence.Gentleman in chessboard and -room or sites.All people from here Finland and abroad are wellcomed to come ask opinions, questions and visitind by giving regards to me with nice pictures and short stories in english and finnish.Im not ugly hunchbackSmile,but I hope to give my photo some other way.Really beautiful ladies are heartly warmly pleased and blessed to take contact.All ideas and written slogans are my own thoughts.Words are my sword and I try to use it for good or aiming to good purposes and results.Why I do so? Don't we have enough bad things here in our world ? Can we do anything good for others ? They could feel in their soul better and happiness.Smile or joke can do work and when we can share it. We can be happy all together.I'm not too optimistic, but I do believe in sincere brotherhood and friendship.Janne Raak Kortsnoi2

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