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something i wrote idk

Jan 18, 2011, 10:37 AM 3

To me the world is just a big ball that people live on. But soon enough that ball will deflate. Since people don’t know how to treat people with love and respect the world degrades on it. The world just isn’t a world anymore its a place where people don’t care about what they’re doing in their lives, or how they treat others. It’s surrounded by sadness, love, and hatred but what I mostly feel is sadness for my everyday actions and choices that I decide to make and how I put up with people taunting me, with all the hatred the world has the world will soon die off. People don’t see how they are killing and destroying the world. But most of the time I don’t care because I’m hiding away the sadness in my heart. It will never matter what or how much I write about people killing the world with their hatred because no one will change their minds and think on how they can help others. A lot of people GOES through so much pain and hatred in school, at work, and even their own houses. People will tell them that it’s their fault and eventually they will start to believe it themselves the hatred that is ignorant people cause is destroying people’s lives and most of us don’t see it. It happen to me every day it happens to everyone gets hurt and there are still some people who are out there that actually care and will help others that have problems in their life. “People hurt others so they can make themselves feel better,” that’s what everyone says but really they’re just that way to others because they are hurting to. So, technically everyone hurts, we all have feelings but most people are too dumb enough to see it. Walk through the halls of your school look at all their faces you can see the pain in their eyes. When people are in so much pain they think that their only option is to kill themselves <. < Trust me I’ve tried and so have many other people who have felt what I feel every day. But I soon found out that’s not the only option, find someone to talk to find someone who understands what you’re going through they can help and you can help them befriend someone who needs and it can change both of your lives. The world is crap we all know that. But when people think that their only option is to kill their self does anyone stop to ask why? Suicide is not the only option find someone get close to someone that you know will always be there no matter what. Everyone hurts we know that now and we should change it, everyone should be nice and make friends with people who don’t always fit in you will easily learn their true self and it may not be a bad self no one stops and tries to see the trueness of people they just judge them because they look ugly, talk funny, or if they’re really smart. But that stuff doesn’t matter what matters is their personality and what’s inside. If we all change the big atomic world ball that we live on will get stronger and stronger and we won’t vanish into thin cold air. Everyone needs to find the kindness in their hearts and help change the world. Im not sure if any of this made any sense because i have no clue how to write stuff but if it does make any sense then good :)

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