My first real blindfold game

Aug 20, 2013, 9:21 PM |
Something I read recently made me want to learn to play blindfold chess. My visualization skills are terrible, and a lot of my thinking time during my games is spent trying to dimly see the future with my poor imagination.
Lucky for me, I have a friend who is rated quite a bit below me (~800 in standard), and he's helping me get ramped up on blindfold chess.
In our first few games I wasn't really playing blind. I used a piece set on Chessbase (BlindAll) that has a very tiny dot where every piece should be. I still had to remember which piece was which, but the little dots really helped. You can see what the board looks like here.
After I won two games like this, I got brave and we decided to do a real blind game. I had a blank chess canvas board in front of me, and he used his chess UI at home. We typed the moves into Skype.
The game went pretty well. I was amazed to find that it took 90 minutes to play. In a lot of cases it was really hard to inventory all the pieces and keep track of who was where. I made two illegal moves, and several mistakes in my notation, but we worked it all out OK. I mostly had a hard time remembering pawn positions. The game itself isn't that interesting (unless you grab the moves list and play through it blindfold!), but I'm pleased to see that I could survive OK.
I think Aleks will be getting quite a lot better in the near future, so I won't be able to win just by picking up free Rooks 'n' things.
Enjoy! And please share your blindfold experiences in the comments, especially if you have tips for starting out.