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Caissa, or The Game At Chess by Sir William Jones

Caissa, or The Game At Chess by Sir William Jones

Apr 20, 2012, 1:24 PM 0

Well, some Thracian dryads seem to have more puzzles than those made of common clay can presuppose.

Sir William Jones' orthography is now haunting me. In this version - http://www.chessdryad.com/caissa/caissa.htm - everything appears to be spelled right in terms of the Middle English norms. So when I found that pic I was rather confused. S's replaced with F's meant giving the part of Daphnis addressed to Sirena as Then gently spoke, let me your loss supply / And either nobly win or nobly die.   I know, this is a chess site not a linguistic one, yet every sphere of life somehow converging with the game appeals to me not less than the game itself. I can assume that the author attempted some exotic accent though what he achieved - to my Slavic ear - was that feeling all the cast should be checked up by a logopedist.

I am a Barbarian guiltless of fubtle fubtexts, that's for sure.Tongue out

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