From Jack

May 21, 2012, 11:23 PM |

From the baths we go to Nepenthe which is a beautiful cliff top restaurant with vast outdoor  patio, with excellent food, excellent waiters and management, good drinks, chess tables, chairs and tables to just sit in the sun and look at the grand coast -- Here we all sit at various tables and Cody starts playing chess with everybody will join while he's homping away at those  marvelous hamburgers called Heavenburgers (huge with  all the side works) -- Cody doesn't like to just sit around and  lightly chat away,  he's the kind of guy if he's going to talk he has  to do all the talking himself for hours  till everything is exhaustedly explained, sans that he just wants to bend over a chessboard and say, "He he heh, old Scrooge is saving  up  a pawn  hey? cak! I got  ya! " -- But while I'm sitting there discussing literature with McLear and Monsanto suddenly a strange couple of gentlemen nearby strike up an acquaintance – One of  them is a youngster who says he is a lieutenant in the Army -- I instantly (drunk on fifth Manhattan by now) go into my theory of guerilla warfare based on my observations the  night before  when it did seriously occur to me that if Monsanto, Arthur, Cody, Dave, Ben, Ron Blake and  I  were all members of one fighting unit (and all carrying canteens of booze on our belts) it would be very difficult for the enemy to hurt any of us because we'd be,  as dear friends, watching so desperately closely over one another, which I tell the first lieutenant, which attracts the interest of the older man who admits that he's a GENERAL in the Army -- There are also some further homosexuals at a separate table which prompts Dave Wain to look up from the chess game at one quiet drowsy point and announce in his dry twang "Under redwood  beams,  people talking about homosexuality and  war... call it my Nepenthe Haiku"  -- "Yass" says Cody checkmating him", see what  you can ku about that m'boy and get out of there and I'll noose you with my queen, dear."


--Big Sur, Jack Kerouac, 1960