The King's Gambit

Jun 18, 2014, 9:37 AM |

     I know I have broken my promise many times, but I want to do some other stuff before. Now I want you to learn a few openings. The first one is the King's Gambit which I have already taught you, but this time we're going to get farther into it. Then we'll be doing other opening's such as the Queen's Gambit, Center Gambit, King's Indian attack, Spanish Opening, and much more.

     Today we will be going into my favorite opening, The King's Gambit. Now in my example in openings black accepted the gambit. You're probaly wondering what is a gambit. A gambit is when white or black offers a pawn to their oppenent for free for positional adavantage or other advantages. Most think gambits are risky because you have sacrificed a pawn even though you gained something else. I personally don't mind that because I usually have a plan to regain the pawn back and I if I do get the pawn back it's is like I got the advantage for free! Today, as I was saying, we will study the King's gambit accepted. You might say, "White is getting an advantage! I don't want to do this.", but you can accept the gambit even if it is a little bit risky. Now both sides have risks. Oh, and I forgot to add white is also doubling black's pawns.

     Now I'm going to show you the first moves in a sequence.

     The next move that white makes is the common one which is fairly good.

     This is my favorite version of the King's Gambit and shows one way the Nf3 move assists white.
     This sequence will sow the rest of the game except the last move.
     The Puzzle up next.
     This is the whole sequence together. Just moves no notes.

     Thanks alot for reading! I will post my next opening on 3 more comments. Also post if you want another version of the King's Gambit or another opening, majority wins. Thanks again!