Jun 17, 2014, 11:05 AM |

     Hi, this is my third post so I'm still not perfect on forming my sentences and explaining. As you can see in the title this post is about openings. The first thing I'm going to tell about opening sis that WHITE DOES AN OPENING, not black. Black does a defense, which I will talk about in my next post, promise.

     Now for a tip if your below 20 memorize all the openings you can because as you grow older they still will be stuck in your head.

     Another fact about an opening is it the the first initial moves of a game. A fact that you must know is that the first move is NEVER, note, NEVER an opening. If you you want proof get the app shredder (it's free) and press the New Game (White) button, press enter moves, move the a pawn two places, and look at the bottom left corner. If you have done everything correctly you will see Opening:-- , that means no opening (or defense) has been created. In paranthesis I put defense because a defense also can be created, for example: if e4 occurs black now has a chance to create a defense instedead of an opening (I'll talk about in my next post as promised).

Fast fact: Usually a defense or opening is created in the first 1-3 moves, the 4th move can also make it longer.

     Now I'm going to show you a sequence of moves.

    The End.

P.S. Please add comments!!! Any questions ask in comments too. Thanks for reading. It might take me some time to update, but watch for it. Thanks!