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So far...

Jul 23, 2010, 2:36 AM 0

 So far so good (except that I don't see what I am typing; the editor keeps loading itself, keeps loading, keeps...).

OK, now I do (see), but it's still isn't finished, it's not working properly yet. Ok, now it's done with loading. Is it? I still don't see the cursor. And up there, in the tab name, something goes round and round... It has stopped, now I see a green pawn instead, much better. But I still don't see my cursor (I must be cursed).


A few years ago I still had phone line connection to Internet. Thus from time to time I was getting disconnected  in the middle of a chess game, how frustrating. I see that some members around here still get disconnected from time to time. I feel for them, and I patiently wait for their comeback to the game.


So far all my opponents have behaved properly but one (or two--I am not sure about the second one). That one was completely lost. We still had several minutes on the clock. S/he stopped making moves, to make one only with a few seconds left on their clock. If I went away from the board I would miss their move, and possibly lose on time. This kind of acting is unacceptable. I would like to have an option of blocking (ignoring) such a person from my view, like s/he never existed. But I don't know if there is an "ignore" option on chess.com. Also the other person most likely acted not nice. In a lost position was not moving. But at least didn't make any move at all--it was just an offensive way to resign their game.


I have already played several games. Only one or even two nasty cases is not too bad!

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