Which way?

Jul 23, 2010, 3:58 AM |

I look at the problem, "black to move", see how to deliver a checkmate in two, then remember that black pawns move down the board, not up. OK, now I really think, and think, and don't see anything interesting. Finally I try to move my black pawn up the board anyway, and... it works! So silly.

What should be simpler than passing from one problem to the next one? Somehow it is very complicated.

The button to click on to edit a new post is hard to see, hard to find. It's buried in a jungle of other things, and its position is atypical.

The editor takes so much time to load that I went to another window. I was busy there, and suddenly a message from the blog interrupts me, reminding me about itself. That was not nice, unpleasant.