Help with openings?

May 23, 2012, 9:16 PM |

Hello people :) So i've played for about a year now and a while on the site,  I've posted a few blogs before now about my progress in the game but i have hit a wall. i see my progress starting to flat line, in fact its almost struggling now that i play better players, my rating went down about 85 points in the past week now im at a badish rating (for my usual) of 1135? I typically play the same few openings consistantly and against the better players i see myself getting beat the same ways again and again. Any suggestions? Openings? variations? strategies? anything that can help my opening game in bullet and such, my end game is very good but I need the help, leave responses in the comments below or shoot me a request, a new player like myself loves help and advice :) thanks guys!