Journey as a new player

Mar 26, 2012, 8:09 PM |

I have come to learn several things as beginning player on this site. after reading a story in my lit and comp class about a chess prodigy girl i quickly picked up a passion for the game many my age call dumb. I also learned just as fast, i was no prodigy. after what felt like hundreds of defeats in a row in my beginning membership to the site it was hard to enjoy the game i thought id love. realizing that it wouldnt come quite as quickly as i thought it would, suffering a massive blow to all three of my ratings (standard-700, Blitz-722, bullet- 580) i knew i needed to do something to over come this "hard patch" in my chess career. I quickly hit the books, and took a fairly long term break for playing any form of chess myself. so i got my parents to take me to the library for the first time in several hundred decades and did the unthinkable, read a book. After reading several books both on Starting and end game stratagies and layouts i quickly discovered i would need to use my knew found knowldege to my advantage. I began watching some of the sites top players like VEGGIEMONSTER, Shankland, Jlandaw and the formerly top rated player on the site Eilyisum. After spending about 3 weeks straight of taking notes, reading, watching, and being tutored in the delicate art of the game i decided to make a comeback to rated chess on my account, now the problem was fixing the pittiful rating i had to look at everytime i logged in. To my experimenting in the first week of my return i found out that my best suit of the game was bullet chess, particularly 1 0 games. After weeks of games non stop my win streak hit its highest ever, 29 games in a row. winning at all was some what a suprise to me, but after 2 days i saw my rating go from 595... up to 850. This rate of growth continued for me and the pattern of winning became more common.

As i entered the 1000's for the first time since the first week of me joining the site i recieved a challange from a player with a rating of 1495. A very scary rating to someone with a shameful 1005 rating. So i accepted the challange. I remember the game almost perfectly, me running my typical game start, an e4 Nf3 d3 Nc3. He countered back with some moves i was not used to, a quick advancement of the queen. As the game progressed i found myself with an ever weaking structure and with my new discovery of Castling both King and Queen side the move O-O... O-O-O became a to profound goal of my game early on. this left me unprepared for a central breakdown in control with his queen abuse. As the game proceeded i did end up trapping him in the corner forcing a Queen fork which evidently led to my suprising upset, and win. on time. Not the best way to beat a player almost 500 points superior to yourself but still it counted and that was when i knew i was better then i ever was. As my rating continued to grow at a rapid rate i entered the 1100's for the first time in February. As my sucess continued i became friends with FM Eilyisum and we talked which also helped gain some strategies that i know use in my opening game. As i watch top rated players play eachother and the chess death matches the site kept posting, i slowly learned that i could continue to grow as a player and my sucess, was just starting. I jokingly challanged FM Jlandaw who had a 2485 rating compared to my 1184, suprisingly it didn't end the way i expected, he actually accepted it.

So i start my first game -vs- a FM for the first ever time. Starting with my opening e4, countered by d4. Here are the following sequence of moves in the opening game, his counters are in ( )

- Nf3 (Nc3)... Nc3 (Nxd5?!)... Nxe4

I was thrown off by such a foolish mistake! why would he sacrifice his central Knight just for my e4 pawn?! the game continues as so;

(e4) Nc3... (Bf4) Bd3...(c3) O-O... (Qe3) a3... (d5) He forks my d3 and f3 Bishop and Knight... Bb5+ (f3) Blocks my check, now im stuck in a double piece loss situation.

Ba4 (e6) he takes my Knight. This is how the game began, with an equal starting set and the same central control from both of us. as the game progressed he continued his advanced play, the next few moves determined the game, the first:

His d4 pawn laid in front off his Bc3 position, as he advanced his d4 pawn up to d5 i saw it as a simple move, and with my narrowing time i used my long flank with a Bxd5 to gain momentum, much to mistake, it left his b3 Bishop an open ally to attack my a Bxb2 and traps my Ra1 position, with no other way to avoid it..i run a pointless move of Nxb5 and he captures. Ba1 takes my rook. At this point i am put in the situation of a piece deficite i can not get out of. The game continues. and much to my fear, he plays a Nxe3+ move, forking my queen, i move, Kc1 and he takes my queen. At that point i admit my defeat with no return to my queen and rook lose, so i resign and lose in a sequence of 48 seconds off my own 1:00 time. and it was one of the most exciting  games of my life! never before had i thought id play a FM master almost 1000 points better then me!

Ive discovered running the typical beggining of white playing e4 Nc3 d4 h4 O-O Bb3 etc. stop working against the better players, and that i will need to improve my central control if i want to win against better players...but still.. WOW i played an FM and almost won on time! That was March 26th 2012, and as far as ive come in my chess playing career so far