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Aug 17, 2011, 3:20 PM 4

so i have been on here about 6 weeks and i have gone from 1150 to 1380 in that time i do figure that i will be hitting 1400 once my current games have finished(i was at 1405 but  i resign a few games i knew i would lose so that i could concentrate on my other winable games ) my short term goals are to be able to compete  with the 1400-1600 group and not get massacred in every game of course i like to improve beyond that but i am getting a little inpatiecent soi was wondering how long it takes others to increase there ratings i could play players with lower ratings and bulk up that way but i am not here to look better than what i am i want to be what my rating says i am  so did you start normal and increase how long did it take? one other thing my job allows me to be able to spend the time needed to improve so time and effort are not aproblem but i also know i am not a natural either  i work and work i cant see the board 12 moves down the line .but i have in the last week been seeing 3-4 moves and truthfully 50% of those work out . SO let me know your story  or rather iam i being reasonable in my thinking thanks for reading this whole blog and more thanks if you leave a comment

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