yeah okay....

Aug 6, 2008, 9:47 PM |

Since when should it matter whether someone resigns or not... I have been seeing the post come up about people saying there opponent should resign and they're bad player if they don't. I said to myself, "Self, don't get into that topic, it's not a big deal." But they keep coming up, post after post of people who are actually getting mad at other players for not resigning in a loss cause.

Anybody who knows chess, knows that enough moves ahead mean be unsure of what will actually happen and there is still a possible chance, whether small or big, there's still a chance. Someone could make a mistake, (WHA.. A MISTAKE, NO WAY!!!) Yes, even the best grandmaster there could still make a mistake- I'm not saying that there's a good chance that would happen, ahhh, but there is still that chance. But yes, enough moves ahead and, there could be a mistake, a mistake that just might make a draw in the end.


You have a "sure thing", which in chess can only mean that it's a few moves away ( and for you picky people who for some reason stumbles across this, seeing hows only a blog and not a big post or something and must analyze and criticize against your will--> "few" means two, maybe three, moves. ANYwho...). If that is the case, then just wait. Yes, I said wait. Maybe the person you're playing know that he/she is definitely going to lose and wants to go back after the game is finished and see just how you happened to stumble upon that checkmate. Maybe their endgame needs a little practice and you, for that one game, are their teacher. OR, jut maybe they really know that it just bugs the crap out of you and, really, just really want to annoy you to ever last nerve. But no matter what it may be, get off your pedestal and over your pride, and let them finish the game. Just wait.

I thought the goal of the game was to checkmate your opponent, NOT force a resignation...