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First blog

First blog

Feb 7, 2011, 8:31 AM 0

So I've been pretty busy lately. More so than usual anyways. A new semeter has begun and I can say I do not like the change at all. Some classes are welcome but most are a downright bore. I seriously felt like sleeping through the discussions at some point.I joined chess.com a few weeks ago and I must say it helps alleviate the tension from everything.I decided to write this blog because I tend to ramble when I get bored and it's fun to see what was on my mind later on to read back  and make fun of myself :O Anyways this week is full of so much stuff I would simply not like to do. Papers amongst papers amongst papers, YAY! my favorite thing to do.*rolls eyes*

OH i got Inception yesterday!!! YAYZ :P Let me tell all you awesome people who take the time to read this, It is the best movie ever! well... it's on my top three list... haha oh well. I can't wait till the end of this semester. I look forward to the next one wth some exceptions here and there.Well off to lunch and I'll post this to remind myself to learn more about the queen's gambit opening later on.


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