antonio_kiri4ev vs. lebesgue72: B10: Caro-Kann Defense, Advance Variation

Jan 29, 2016, 10:12 AM |

Hi everyone! This is another Caro-Kann game. I learned a few things:

1. I found that maybe black can let white advance with c4-c5 and later on do moves to throw punches at white's queenside pawns on light squares. THis seems o.k., but also seems unecessary just in return for not helping white's light-squared bishop to develop, since it would develop to the c4 square and stare at the black fixed f7-e6 pawn structure anyway.

2. The move Bb4 seems unecessary, since that is black's dark-squared bishop, which black should probably look to preserve.

3. Later on in this game, black had a chance to make things somewhat o.k. with Ba5-Bb6, attacking the white backward pawn, which wasn't considered enough, given the drawbacks of the alternative that happened in the game. 

4. Moving the kingside rook to d8 wasn't the greatest idea, given that there was still an opportunity for white to play the move Bg5. THis move pins the black knight on e7, which in this case seems to be an annoyance for black as they're trying to move their pieces around. I guess natural moves like this rook move, while good rules of thumb, aren't always good w.r.t. the tactics in the particular situation. 

5. In conjunction with the rook move, in this case the move h6 might have had more to it than I had thought before. I thought that it could serve as a fligh square and provide the black light-squared bishop somewhere to go if attacked, but I figured that I wanted to develop my kingside knight to then eye the white d4 pawn, and that retreating the light-squared bishop would go counter to that. But I didn't account for the fact that h6 would rule out the sequence of white's dark-squared bishop coming to g5. 

Here's the game: