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Billy_Windz vs. lebesgue72: C41: Philidor's Defense

Dec 27, 2015, 9:44 AM 0

Hi everyone! Here's another recent game. I think the Re8 move was made o.k. by white's decision to push with ther e-pawn. It could have also been  helpful in conjunction with moving the knight to f8 to go on to different places. I don't really know though, because the disaster in this game didn't seem to happen related to either of these possibilities. I made the decision to keep my light-squared bishop as the position opened up, which was probably more good than bad. Eventually, black was allowed to get control(somewhat) of the open e-file. The crucial mistake in this game came at the very end, when white's queen was pointing at the sensitive f7 square - white also had the possibility to exert pressure on that square with a rook and at the same time force my queen to move. So if I were to play the game again, I think i'd be more wary of situations where this is possible, and maybe more aware of when queens are pointing at sensitive spots near the king. Here's the game: 

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