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lebesgue 72 vs. an_oops0: Petroff's defense, 8/12/14

Aug 12, 2014, 12:36 PM 0

Hi everyone! Here's a game I played today. It was another Petroff's defense game. I opened up the position too much with a c3, d4 pawn thing, which allowed black to develop easily. This allowed for tactics which forced me to either lose a pawn(and have the potential to lose two) or to put me many moves away from king safety. Qc3 at some point would have been much more useful then Qd2. The main point was that black was able to grab a pawn early, and my opening of the position made it safe for black to do so without any consequences. Therefore, the c3-d4 idea turned out not to be good in the move 2-3 position. Here's the game: 

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