lebesgue 72 vs. NMoore1: 1/23/16: D02: Queen's Bishop game


Hi all! This is a recent game. It was a bit of a disaster, with missed tactics and positional ideas throughout. The first significant decision was to play the white dark-squared bishop to f4. Sure, this is a developing move, but it doesn't take into account what's happening on the queenside very much. If I were to play this game differently, I would look to play the move Bg5 on move 6 instead of the aesthetically-ugly Be3, obstructing the white e-pawn. Also, on move 10, I would have played e4 instead, even though the white pieces are less developed. This prevents black, at least at that moment, from advancing their e-pawn from e6 to e5, from where the black central pawns have many options, which turned out to be too much for white to handle. In a way, I would say that this game felt somewhat sharp in a few crucial moments to me. Also, the white rook move from a1 to c1 could have been premature(and done without too much reason behind it), since black could have advanced their c-pawn and shut off the c-file from opening up any time soon. It seems that

- these inaccuracies

- moves that were made prematurely

- the over-evaluation of having a center pawn on d4 instead of a c-pawn

- a sharpness to the positions

- a general lack of awareness of the opponent's advantage of having a flexible pawn mass in the center

all contributed to the result of this game. Here it is: