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lebesgue 72vs. PETERM22: Sicilian defense with c4

Dec 25, 2014, 7:35 PM 0

Hi everyone! This is a game I played earlier today. I played a c4 move in the sicilian, which puts more control over the d5 square. However, I don't know if it's worth to do this at the expense of making it much more difficult for the white minor pieces(especially bishops) to get developed. Probably not. I wanted to try it out during the game, but it turned out to be really dubious, and it wasn't very direct at all. I wonder if I should try more d4 openings. In general, I may have been thinking about what definitive plans I could see, from the beginning, to take, but sometimes, it may be too early to do that, and it may make sense just to make good developing moves, think about that previous thing a bit, but also keep options open, and gain more information about what you opponent is doing. In the end, white premoved once and lost a minor piece as a result, and created a good outpost for my knight, where it wasn't kicked for a while, and created at least some inconveniences for black. For the future, I won't run with the c4 move, and think more about the implications that the openings I choose may have for the development of my pieces. In this opening, black's grip over d5 proved to be very cramping for me as white, and I definitely don't want to play unecessary moves like c4 in the opening position of this game. Here it is: 

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