lebesgue72 vs. DenisKovalchuk: A40: Queen's Pawn Defense.

Jan 7, 2016, 1:01 PM |

Hi all! Here's a recent game. I played against the queen's pawn defense(English). There are several things that I would change if I were to play the positions again.

- First, to be more cohesive against black's decision to exchange their dark-squared bishop for my queenside knight(doubling the white pawns), I would look to provoke dark-squared weaknesses in black's camp, if possible.

- Secondly, I would not move g7 when black has a pawn on e5. This made way to many light-square weaknesses that black was able to advantage of. It's also suspect to pressure along the f-file by black pieces.

- After this point, I would bring my light-squared bishop back to defend some of the light squared near my king, on the kingside. Although this isn't ideal(because the white light-squared bishop then isn't doing much), it's better than the alternative that happened in the game. Here it is: