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lebesgue72 vs. ericsdukerules: A43: Old Benoni Defense.

Jan 12, 2016, 5:02 PM 0

Hi everyone! This is a recent game. All in all, in was very interesting to me, being my first exposure to the Old Benoni defense. That's something that I might even try sometime as black, just to see what positions arise. If I were to play this game differently as white, I might push my d-pawn to d5 on the second move, and see what kinds of positions come up as a result. At the point of move 6, I thought black had better overall chances. Black made a couple of moves that I didn't really understand(somewhat underdeveloping, moving a knight for fear of a tempo being gained against it) i was able to get the bishop pair, gain a tempo against the black queen while developing the white dark-squared bishop to a square that was probably not the worst, given the position, and was able to get in a few moves to advance the queenside pawns. It seemed that my decision to jump my knight into an outpost in the position(earlier in the game) was helpful. Then, the game got pretty tactical. Here it is:

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