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lebesgue72 vs. joeribli: Ruy Lopez: 12/22/14

Dec 22, 2014, 12:11 PM 0

Hi all! This is a game I recently played. When I captured black's knight on c6 with my light-squared bishop, they captured away from the center, which immediately opens up the diagonal for black's light-squared bishop to influence/get developed. This was different from the previous Ruy Lopez game I played. I'm not sure which one is theoretically better. I again stopped black's light-squared bishop from pinning my f6 knight, which I'm not sure is warranted or not. Black developed their dark-squared bishop to the d6 square, which I was unsure of. Their e-pawn was tactically vulnerable. I haven't looked in to whether there's a better way to defend the pawn. I made a d4-break fairly early on, and I'm still unsure if I should have developed further before doing this break. Both sides got castled, black developed their kingside knight and put pressure on white's e4 pawn in the same move. I got in a c4 move before bringing the white queenside out to its classical square(probably the best square for it in that position), and I got my queen out of indirect firing line of the black rook, to a square which I'm not sure about. I'm not really sure that my queen did too much there, and in the future, I'd either want to get my queen to c2, or to find a better spot for it, or even general plan, based on the position, altogether. Black made a flight-square move that prevented a pin by my dark-squared bishop, which I'm unsure about. I'm unsure if it was a good idea for black, and if it would have even been a good idea for white to forward with this, given some potential action on the c5 square. Also, a c5 move by white was lurking around at several points, in the background, which I didn't consider in the game. I may try something like this c5 in the future, and see how it goes and what I can learn from it. Here's the game:

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