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lebesgue72 vs. kalilov: French Defense 9/24/15

Sep 26, 2015, 9:41 AM 0

Hi all. This is a game I played a few days ago. I was white in the french defense. One of the main themes here is how to defend or move the e4 pawn, and proceed. I chose to do so with my light-squared bishop, and ended up moving it three times in the opening, and left it in a place where, if captured, it would create weaknesses in my kingside pawn structure. Also, it doesn't allow white's kingside knight to develop to its natural square, which can be a slight issue when we take into account the basic pawn structure in this general situation. Black got their dark-squared bishop to d6, which had view of white's h2 square, which set the stage for possible tactics catching white off guard/out of position, if white tries to reposition in a way that their pieces get too loose. So if I'd play this again, I'd try something different in the beginning, w.r.t. moving or defending the white e4 pawn. Also, I'd be more aware of moves like black's e-pawn advance, which was something that I didn't or hardly at all considered during the game. This probably has appliations to many different situations. Finally, this is more of a chess practice thing than a thing about chess knowledge, I didn't really consider the situation in the very beginning/didn't start analyzing, and this lack of knowledge of the resulting positions definitely came back to hurt me later in the game. Here it is:

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