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lebesgue72 vs. librariann: 1/15/16: D02: Queen's Pawn Game: Invading Rooks and a Misplaced Queen

Jan 15, 2016, 1:53 PM 0

Hi all! Here's a recent game I played. In the mid-game there was a tactical blunder which resulted in the loss of a pawn without compensation. Later on, white had a 2-1 pawn majority on the queenside, and one of those pawns could have been made passed. One major thing I learned this game was just how devastating a rook in enemy territory can be, especially when the enemy's pieces aren't very coordinated. The white queen was off on the other side of the board, trying to mount an attack on black's king. This would have been o.k., except that she seemed a little too far away from the action of the white queenside pawn majority. If I had the opportunity to play this game again, I would definitely move the white rook to the a-file to challenge black's control over it. This might have been especially o.k. given the position. It seems that the power of black's rook coming into white's territory was too great of a threat to have been overseen and underestimated in the way that happened in the game. Here it is: 

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