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lebesgue72 vs. Odysseus4: CO3 French Tarrasch

Aug 11, 2014, 1:03 PM 0

Hi everyone! This is my third blog post of a game I recently played. I didn't mention it before, but i like to have these self-analyses in a place where i can easily access them if i ever want to show them to a higher-rated player and learn from them. The game was a french defense, Tarrasch variation game. During the game, I wondered about whether my queen was placed well on f6 or not, whether putting pressure on the d-pawn was a good plan or not. I had heard about creating flight squares. I did so here, but i think it was way premature, and wasn't justified. There was a moment when i could have played with an isolated pawn, which is a kind of position i'm not yet familiar with. I question the placement of my bishops(one of which was unprotected at a point, and was ganged up on by the opposing queen and a pawn. I also question whether or not advancing my queenside pawns would have been a good idea earlier. White held down their f-2 point against my rooks with a bishop. this was something i underestimated, and didn't figure out how to play against. All in all, if I played this again, I'd think twice about that (potentially premature) flight-square-prepping-development move, and i'd think more about where my bishops would like to be. Here's the game:

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