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lebesgue72 vs. rahimshajirati: Ruy Lopez: 12/19/14

Dec 19, 2014, 6:59 PM 0

Hi all! This is another game I played today. I don't know much about the Ruy Lopez, and when there was the possibility for that, I went into it. One issue I don't have alot of experience with, and don't understand, is how to exploit/play against black's doubled c pawns. Black tried to stir up some queenside play, and white stopped the a-pawn from advancing too much. At the end of the day, there has to be a more decisive decision made to invest resources in either an d4 break or an f4 break. The fianchettoing the whtie dark-squared bishop structure did well to nullify black's queen coming over to the b-file. If I'd change some things for next time, I would spend more time deciding to either do an d4 or f4 break earlier, and organize my resources/pieces/material accordingly. White eventually got a chance to take out black's light-square bishop, and took it. This was maybe bad, because it allowed black to recapture with their f-rook, and get one step closer to putting heave piece pressure along the f-file. Bringing out the white queen at a point allowed black the option to exchange off knights, if they so wanted. White tried to take advantage of a pin on the black queen by attacking the pinned pawn with a white pawn, but this was tactically bad, and weakened the white kng position too much - black was in a position to take advantage of this, in part because both of their rooks were on the f-file, while it would take white a while to do this. Here's the game: 

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