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lebesgue72 vs. Vega043: A51 Budapest Defense Declined

Sep 25, 2015, 7:31 AM 0

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posted a game. This is one I played a few weeks ago. Some benefits in the game were the placement of white's dark-square bishop relative to black's king, which was made even more potent by black's sacrifice of a knight for a pawn or two to weaken white's kingside pawn structure. This provided a minor inconvenience, but gave white the f-file for a rook. And the fact that white's queen was already on that file made that file-opening an even worse idea for black. White's queenside knight tracked down black's dark-squared bishop, and white ended up with the bishop pair, with the intention of opening up the position and making use of them. If I were to be in this position again, I'd probably take dxe in the very beginning when it was possible - by move 5 it's clear that black is ~2 moves ahead in development, while white just has the c-pawn in the middle of the board, and just one developed knight. (It's interesting to note, in the Chess365 database, tht dxe5 has been won 65.7% of the time by black, with a sample size of 67 games. So maye there are larger reasons why this move isn't good for white, and it could be beneficial to play a game using it, and see exactly what goes wrong.)I also would get my knight on the side of the board closer to the action, and faster. Finally, I'd take note of black's launching the h-pawn strategy, and maybe use it in one of my future games. I wonder if this would actually work, since I didn't get to see the idea come to its full fruition, and wonder about what coaches or GMs would say about that kind of idea, whether it's valid or not. Here's the game: 

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