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mersoylu vs. lebesgue 72: C00: The French Defense

Dec 26, 2015, 12:05 PM 0

Hi all! This is another recent game, a French Defense. Both sides were pretty cautious in the opening. Neither had a coherent plan. There was a moment where I might have tried developing the black queen to d7 instead of knight. Also, it might have been better to not make such a committal Rc8 move, or to follow through. Basically, it's not worth it to keep your opponent's bad piece bad, if it means making one of their pieces look silly/bad in the process. It's also worthit to be on the lookout for tactics when the other side's pieces a not very protected/tied together, as white's h4 pawn. In fact, taking this pawn might have saved some headaches for black by not allowing white to exchange their bad bishop for black's better one. Here's the game: 

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