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Pailahueque vs. lebesgue 72: Van't Kruij's opening

Jan 12, 2016, 5:43 PM 0

Hi all! This was another recent game. It was my first time playing against Can't Kruij's opening. Given the opportunity to play this game again, I would try playing d5 instead of c5(putting a more central pawn in the center). THe main thing that I learned from this game is that the fianchetto of the dark-squared bishop in positions like this(similar to some positions that could come up in the sicilian, except for the loss of a tempo) could run into white launching their g and h-pawns toward the black kingside to disrupt the black kingside pawn structure. In this game, that ended up giving white a semi-open h file which they played on - and when the game got more tactical, white's play on the h-file, combined with other pieces they had on the board, became much more apparent, and was difficult for black to handle. I guess this is an idea to be aware of as white in the sicilian. If I were to play this game again, I might try to re-route my kingside knight(maybe to d7, then c6, since it wasn't doing a whole lot on its classically-developed squared). Then, I could look to play h6, to be able to close up the position with either h5 or g5, in response to whatever pawn advances white would have. At least this might have been a better try/alternative than what happened in the game. Maybe it's useful/helpful to invest a move in developing the flexibility of your pawns to be able to close up the position when the time is right, so that the opposite side doesn't get a chance to obtain too large of an trump card. Developing the experience to be able to tell when it might be wise/helpful to invest in such a move might come as an opportunity in some future game. Here it is:

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