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reggie31 vs. lebesgue 72: French Defense, advance variation: 12/29/14

Dec 29, 2014, 2:43 PM 0

Hi all! This is a game I played today. I played black in the french defense, which I have little to no experience with. I was very happy to see the exchange of the white light-square good bishop, for my queenside knight, in the beginning. There were some tactics with the white queen on d2 and the white rook on e1, with black's dark-squared bishop. White's g4 move was probably tactically dubious, since black can take with the d-pawn, and gain a tempo on the queen. White was able to trap my bishop with a g4 pawn move, something that I'd definitely change for the next time a similar position comes up. I'm happy that I came up with a g6 move, not opening up the position, and having the king hide behind white's h-pawn. However, it wasn't enough. Near the end, keeping the black queen able to watch over the f8 point, and having that point vacated so that the queen can come there, in response to a Qh6 move by white, would have been better for black than what occurred in the game. Here's the game: 

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