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TheWhiteFianchetto vs. lebesgue72: Reti opening: 12/22/14

Dec 25, 2014, 3:39 PM 0

Hi all! This was a game I played a few days ago. My opponent opened with the Reti opening, which I have little to no experience with. I used to not think that it's too different from other opening, but when I came across it a few days ago, I was way out of my depth of knowledge. I opted to respond to Nf3 with d5, and the structure of the game followed from those choices. I made a tactical error, having an unprotected bishop on g4, which allowed white to gain a pawn over me from the opening, and my king position and development were in bad shape. I also had an isolated pawn. White made a decision to exchange off my undeveloped(and far from being developed) dark-squared bishop for their advanced, superior knight, which probably wasn't a good idea for them. Also in response to me pushing my kingside pawns, they created a nice light-square home for my knight(both light-square bishops were off the board at that point). This probably helped the black side out. In the end, they got an active bishop which somewhat restricted the movement of my pieces, and made the decision to exchange off a pair of rooks, which may have been good or bad. I think they perhaps let my kingside pawns get too advanced. In the end, the things I would change if I were to play this again, would be to think more carefully in the beginning about white's tactical shot, taken white's bishop when they gave me a chance to, and perhaps consider swinging my rook over to the other side in the end. I'm not sure at all about the rest of my moves, and this is definitely a game I want to analyze again in the future, after a bit. There's so much depth and so many possibilities, and I really only scratched the surface. 

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