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wuguanting vs. lebesgue72: 1/15/16: B50: Sicilian

Jan 15, 2016, 8:54 AM 0

Hi everyone! This was a recent game I played as black in the Sicilian. White was able to shut off black's possibilities of a6-b5 to fianchetto the black dark-squared bishop. This ended up being an issue for the entire game, since white already had a 3-2 pawn majority on the queenside, as a result of the trade of black's c-pawn for white's d-pawn. Another try could have been to develop the black queenside knight to d7 instead of its classical square, if the situation would call for it. White was definitely the more active/aggressive of the two sides, especially by investing a move to scoot their king into the corner of h1, and by pushing their f-pawn to disrupt the black kingside. White had nice possibilities for pushing the e and f pawns during the game, and these were supported by pieces that were developed. This is something I might consider in a game where both my sides are castled on the same side, and where the other side doesn't look like they have many of their pieces developed yet. I also liked the development of white's bishops, so that they could be ready to take just one more step to play larger roles in the position. Also, I hadn't really seen the white move of a4, to discourage black from fianchettoing their bishop, before. This is definitely a tool to keep in the back of my mind for future games. If I had the chance to play this game again, I would deploy the black dark-squared bishop differently(maybe a fianchetto) or at least make different developing moves that are less committal, that keep the options open. For example, of of these moves might have been to develop the queenside knight to its classical square. To sum up, it looks like the black b-pawn had to be watched over the entire game, which was inconvenient(a try at a solution being to develop the pieces differently and to decide not to steer the game in this direction, if possible) and the black dark-squared bishop didn't do very much for a large portion of the game(different developing moves around move 5 could have been tried, that might have been less commital(i.e. not moving a pawn). Both possibilities are explored in variations added into the game). Here it is: 

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