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I Should Have Retired Undefeated!

I Should Have Retired Undefeated!

Mar 10, 2008, 1:47 PM 4

Happiness is starting out new. 

After a few nights fooling around with my Chessmaster CD-ROM, I went looking for a good online Chess site and happily found chess.com - absolutely fantastic.  I am having fun with all the great resources.  

After a few days lurking, someone invited me to play a game - and suddenly I had a 4 - 0 undefeated streak and was briefly rated over 1600. (yes I understand how provisionally inaccurate this is!)

Statistical anomolies can be fun! (said the guy that struggles to beat 6 year old Josh in Chessmaster)   

Perhaps I should have retired undefeated, but I am enjoying myself and now have a medium goal to see if I can actually become a real 1600 player.  

In the mean-time, if you want to play me, I'll be the cheerful guy with about a 1200 ability.

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