Random Thoughts

Feb 16, 2008, 10:09 AM |

It is a lazy Saturday.  I started up a few more chess games.  My chess.com rating seems to be stabilizing somewhere in the 1400's, which isn't bad I guess.  It is going to go down a little once Anthony finishes me off, which should be in a few moves.  I'm finishing out the game just for fun, and to see if I can pull off something, which is extremely doubtful at this point :)

 Took my daughter to the library this morning.  She enjoyed helping put books away and decorating for Saint Patrick's day next month.  In a couple of years I can see her working there :)  Or volunteering anyways.  Now I am exercising my ability to play chess while my 3 year old son is distracting me.  Quite a handy-cap!  I'm also planning to redesign my office today or tomorrow, and maybe get back to writing stories.  At least with this many kids (5) and this many hobbies, I never end up bored :)