Underestimating your opponent and overconfidence

Apr 4, 2009, 6:26 PM |

Underestimating your opponent is a very bad thing to do because you might end up losing he game. It does not matter what your opponents rating is, what their age is, their sex, country, race etc. You can have a rating of 2000 or more but still lose to someone rated 1500 or less; when you are playing a chess game you should play your best and dont get overconfident.The following game I have posted in one of my previous article "why give up?" I was losing but because my opponent thought the game was his he lost.

My opponent was to comfortable when he won my queen and begun to underestimate me. The is a little experience I had: One day I met this little kid at my school who could play chess since he was young I didn't expect him to be much of a challenge but when I begun to play him I noticed he was a very strong player luckily I got together just in time and won the game, This is to show you how you should not underestimate your opponent or lower your guard when you are playing a chess game.

Hope this article has toughed you something and if there is any of you games or things you would like to add or correct please tell me and I wil see what I can do. Thank You

Alfred Awe, Belize