Why give up?

Apr 1, 2009, 7:03 PM |

Time and time again I have seen people resigning, running away, giving up hope and I always ask myself why. I agree that there is a time to give up like when there is no hope of winning or an inebitable checkmate but besides that you never know when your opponent might slip and do a mistake take the following chess game which I had:

















In this game I was losing but because of my opponents overconfidence I was able to turn it around but he can still do a draw or I may make a mistake which will cost me the game.

I would like to encourage everyone to do the best in a chess game and don't care about losing (play to win and lose to win) also never give up when there is a slight chance of victory.


Hope this article has helped you in some way and also good luck in all your other games.

Alfred Awe, BelizeWink