First Blog!

Jun 24, 2013, 10:15 AM |

Hi guys! This is legoduderv, and I am finally posting my first blog post!

I got my rating this last month - 1544 - and decided its time for me to post a few games of mine!

I played 2 tournaments to get my rating, but I'll be posting a few games from the second tourney because I think I played much better there.

So here it is - Game No. 1:

This was a game where I lost material early, but was able to make use of the material imbalances and positional weaknesses of my opponent to scrape through and claim the win. By the way, I was unrated when I played this tournament.

So we have a position similar to a classical Queen's Pawn Game. The key differences are Black's fianchettoed bishop and White's c2 pawn.

So what do you guys think? Comments appreciated!