My Monday Night Tournament Recap

Dec 4, 2017, 7:25 PM |


The time control was G30/5 which is super short and i was playing in a U1700 section where i was the top rated in the section with a rating of 1677


My first game started off vs a 1490 where due to time trouble i was only able to get these moves. I played poor due to not being familiar with this line 

I was black in this game 

I run into time trouble a lot very quickly so my game quality goes down 

I was able to convert this winning position and start 1-0 



Second game i was paired against a 1533 where i was white 


I played extreemly well until i messed up positionally under time pressure and went a pawn down with 1 minute left. But i was able to swindle a win with 26 seconds left on my clock. 



Third game i was paired vs a 1570 where he fell for a trick that i would never have expected him to 

I was black in this game

He immediately realzied what he had done and resigned happy.png 


So i went 3/3 and im eagerly awaiting the tournament being posted


Please leave your suggestions and comments below. Hope you like this post happy.png