Two Types of Games

Mar 8, 2011, 7:36 PM |

Today I played two excellent games, which I think are each examples of a type of game I play fairly regularly.  The first game is one which involves an early Queen attack, which is basically the exact opposite of the style of game I try to play myself/enjoy playing.  The second game is one where I play someone who tries to do much the same thing as I do in most of my games (i.e. create weaknesses in the opponents castling and exploit them, demolishing the king's defenses).  I want to try and figure out how to do better with the first type of game, and what went wrong for the other guy in the second.

In the following game diagram I illustrate some different ways the game could have gone if I'd had my head more together in the opening.

Hopefully this gives a better idea on how to tackle these Queen attacking players.  Although maybe you have other ideas?

A second game.

Once upon a time, i.e. before a couple months ago and I started looking at some chess books, I knew how to develop pieces and exploit a few common combinations so as to win games.  I basically played waiting for someone to make a mistake.  I still sort of play that way, but then I learned that it was possible to assault a castled king.  Ever since I've been trying to figure out how to do it properly.  In this game, the other guy seems to be figuring out the same (he's no slouch, he definitely trounced me in the next game).



So what was the story of that game?  Surprisingly, to not try and push too hard with your Queen.  Her importance to the game actually makes her a liability.  Far more useful are some well supported pawns and a well placed Knight!