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J. Sklar - N. Bellon 0-1 - "adequate" moves

J. Sklar - N. Bellon 0-1 - "adequate" moves

Jan 17, 2014, 3:07 PM 0

This was a G/90 (d/5), the standard control at my club.  While slow enough, you can't think to the degree you would in a 40/120, SD/60 type of control, so you must often play "adequate" moves, rather than strive for perfectionism (and the often accompanying time pressure).  Despite some missed tactical shots on my part, I still maintained the better game because the moves I played were still "good" in that they were "adequate" and not blunders in any way.  At the amateur level, it's amazing how good, playable moves will win for you even if you miss the "best" or "correct" move.

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