The Endgame Tactician: Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop


If Knight endgames are about flashy tactics, Bishop endgames are about subtle finesse.


First, the obvious cases. If the defender can put his king in front of the pawn, on a square that can't be attacked by the enemy bishop, it's a draw. 

And if the Black king's much closer to the pawn, the draw is often trivial.

 But if the Black king is not much closer, the endgame becomes interesting.

Here's another winning technique that can come in handy:

So how does the weaker side stop the pawn from queening? The stronger side may have a couple useful maneuvers, but the weaker side has a trick as well!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed these 5 practical examples of how to play Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop with bishops of the same color, and will find an opportunity to use this knowledge. :)