My "Slowest" Tourney, Day 1

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Thanks for all the advice and well-wishes going into my first 30/90, G/60 tournament. I brought a CD player but never found occasion to use it--there were too many exciting things happening on my board and around me! The first games went well. Smile

Round 1: USCF 600 vs likesforests

Ironically, I faced a student I'm coaching in round 1.

Round 2: likesforests vs USCF 1600

In round 2 I faced the highest-rated player in the tournament.

likesforests-real-tiny.jpg likesforests
United States us.gif

I love endings and helping others learn to play. I placed 5th in my section at the World Open, won a recent U1600 with a perfect score, and aim to one day be a chess master. :)