My "Slowest" Tourney, Finale

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Round 3: likesforests vs 1200

After a good night's sleep I was ready to rumble. More than once I stopped to admire the trophy that might soon be mine.

Round 4: 1500 vs likesforests

I'm up against a Russian who hasn't competed in a US tournament for eight years. The tie-breaks favor him, so he's content with a draw.

The TD suggests I agree--we would both win our sections outright and get an undivided first place prize fund. That's of no consequence to me. I want to win. I want the trophy.

A split-second after playing 21...Re6 I realized I had missed 21...g6.

I'm furious at myself for losing. I didn't even stay for my $120 consolation prize. Damn. Damn. $*&@)(%#! Next time, next time...

likesforests-real-tiny.jpg likesforests
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I love endings and helping others learn to play. I placed 5th in my section at the World Open, won a recent U1600 with a perfect score, and aim to one day be a chess master. :)