The Endgame Tactician: Queen vs Bishop

Oct 9, 2007, 5:39 PM |

This article may be too simple for some readers, but in my Bishop and Pawn vs Bishop and Centurini Position articles I frequently said Q vs B is an easy win. Then I witnessed this tragicomedy, and thought maybe I should offer a couple tips!  Smile


You only need a couple ideas for this ending:

   1. A bishop can only travel on one color. The stronger side should keep his pieces on the opposite color to avoids pins and skewers.

   2. The King and Queen must work together to mate or win material.


Let's make another try from their starting position.


 Perhaps that was too easy since the king was already trapped on the edge of the board. Let's do it again, using their ending position as our start:


 An easy position for today, but an important one to know how to play!